Hyperloop Tech & SPaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend
Jan 15 2016

Hyperloop Tech & SPaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend

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Hyperloop Tech & SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend

I’m really excited to announce Hyperloop Tech’s involvement in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend at Texas A&M, January 29 – 30. As you know the interest to Hyperloop isn’t confined to our office and this competition embodies that – we are part of inspiring a global movement.

There are more than 100 teams and more than 1000 students involved in the competition weekend which is a great opportunity to meet, mentor and foster interest in Hyperloop at the university level. We are really excited to say that we are going to be a sponsor! 

This means the winning team we select will receive $50,000 towards the construction of their Pod, we will also select runner up teams that will each receive $20,000 towards their Pods. A team of you, along with Rob Lloyd, Hyperloop Tech CEO, and I, will be heading to the competition to interact with the students and find the best future Hyperloopers we can.

In addition to the winning teams we are hosting a simulation competition with our partner ANSYS prior to the design weekend for the best use of simulation for the designs. The winners in each category will be given an internship here this summer.

Having the brightest minds of tomorrow working on the future of transportation at this design weekend is a great way to ensure the longterm success of Hyperloop. I know from my time as fresh-faced, bushy-tailed engineering student, these competitions really teach you how to be a practical engineer – how to use the concepts taught in class in the real world. The students we meet will be the ones who roam these halls for years to come, sustain this company into the future and ensure the global Hyperloop network that we built will be working for a long, long time.

Simulation competition (www.hyperlooptech.com/ansys-simulation-competition)

-       Judging in 3 categories

o   Fluid/Aerodynamics

o   Structural Analysis

o   Electromagnetics

-       Winners will be graded on

o   Visual Appeal

o   Technical Difficulty

o   Innovative use of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

- Josh Giegel, VP Design & Analysis

Hyperloop Technologies Inc. to offer $150,000 in Prizes for Engineering Students as Sponsor of SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend at Texas A&M

Leading High-Speed Transportation Company and ANSYS Work Together to Encourage Student Innovation

(Los Angeles, Calif.) January 15, 2016 -- Hyperloop Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that as a sponsor of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend January 29-30 at Texas A&M, they will offer $150,000 in prize money to teams who present the strongest design concepts. Hyperloop Tech will work with the selected teams to provide resources and offset the costs of building the pod in support of student innovation in engineering.

“Hyperloop Tech is thrilled to be a part of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend - it’s a fantastic opportunity to interact with the thousands of students working on the concept, as well as identify and reward exceptional engineering talent,” said Brogan BamBrogan, Co–Founder & CTO, Hyperloop Tech. “All of us on the team at Hyperloop Tech have designed and built hardware to solve big engineering challenges throughout our careers, and we’re excited to be here onsite inspiring this generation of engineers.”

To further student engineering excellence, Hyperloop Tech created an ANSYS Simulation Contest, in which Hyperloop Tech and ANSYS will work together to identify and reward individuals from teams who demonstrate the best use of ANSYS simulation in their Hyperloop design. Judging will be broken up into three categories, based on the type of simulation - structural, fluid and electromagnetic. The winner in each category will be offered a summer internship (for a total of three internships), at Hyperloop Tech’s Innovation Campus in Los Angeles, California. In addition, the top ten teams recognized at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend using ANSYS simulation software will be awarded prizes from ANSYS, including one-year software leases.

As the lead company developing the Hyperloop system, Hyperloop Tech has collaborated with ANSYS since 2014 and leverages ANSYS simulation solutions across all aspects of the design process. The ANSYS portfolio of electromagnetics, structural and fluids software allows Hyperloop Tech to optimize their designs at the pace needed to realize the Hyperloop.

“With Hyperloop Tech being the clear leader in developing this technology to reality, it made sense for us to form a deep partnership utilizing the predictive power of ANSYS simulation technology,” said Michael Nisenson, Regional Sales Manager. “The hardware, technology and facilities the company has built in less than a year is nothing short of astounding - we’re proud to have helped enable this rapid growth with our simulation technology.”

“At Hyperloop Tech, we’re creating designs that people have never seen before and using simulation software to prove they work before we build them,” said Josh Giegel, VP of Design and Analysis at Hyperloop Tech. “Talking with some of the brightest young engineers during the course of this design weekend, we hope to empower them with financial resources, and integral tools such as the ANSYS software suite, to help them as they perfect their designs and we collectively pursue realizing the Hyperloop concept.”

Hyperloop Tech and ANSYS will be hosting simulation office hours at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend for competing student teams to have a chance to interact with ANSYS experts and Hyperloop Tech engineers to discuss their designs. Currently, 124 student engineering teams representing 27 U.S. states and 20 countries will be traveling to Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, to take part in the Design Weekend.

Winners of the Hyperloop Tech & ANSYS competition will be announced at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Design Weekend at Texas A&M, January 29-30. Deadline for entries is Monday, January 25 at 9:00pm EST. More info on the competition can be found at: www.hyperlooptech.com/ansys-simulation-competition.

Hyperloop Tech most recently announced that it has entered into agreements to locate the Propulsion Open Air Test (POAT) on an a 50 acre site it has secured in the Apex Industrial Park in the City of North Las Vegas, Nevada. Testing is expected to begin first quarter 2016.

Hyperloop Technologies Inc.:

Hyperloop Technologies, Inc., is the world’s next breakthrough in transportation, engineering unique transportation solutions worldwide for both cargo and passengers. The company was founded in 2014 by Co-Chairman Shervin Pishevar and CTO Brogan Bambrogan and led by CEO Rob Lloyd and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with a fast growing team of over 80+ full time employees. Hyperloop Tech is led by a world class Board of Directors with Co-Chairman David Sacks, Joe Lonsdale, Jim Messina, Emily White and Peter Diamandis, and has raised over $37 million of financing from investors such as Formation8, Sherpa Capital, Khosla Ventures, Zhen Capital, Caspian Ventures, Fast Digital and others. For more information, please visit http://hyperlooptech.com


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